Welcome to all meningioma patients and friends!

Everyone is different and meningioma is different in everyone.

Founded in 1998 by meningioma patients, Caroline Rutgers and Ella Pybus, Meningioma UK continues to offer support and information to meningioma patients and carers affected by a meningeal tumour(s) of the brain or spinal cord.

We are the only national meningioma organisation in the UK, and one of only a handful of meningioma groups across the world. Maybe that’s why we get enquiries from patients in countries across Europe, and as far away as China and Peru.

Like most meningioma patients, we felt isolated and confused when we were diagnosed with this strange-sounding brain tumour which led us to set up a support group and website to help others like ourselves affected by this type of tumour.

We offer free support to patients, friends and carers, and clear jargon-free information, via:

  • National telephone helpline
  • Information leaflets on request
  • Online support via email, website and Talking Heads forum
  • One to one support
  • Phone groups
  • Newsletters
  • Bi-annual conference
  • Support groups around the country

We stand for greater awareness of meningioma tumours, for prompt diagnosis, quality care and research to find better treatments and a cure for meningiomas.

Website version launched August 2015

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  1. Johnny Jones says:

    My brave daughter Sussie xx


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