Meningioma UK was created by people diagnosed with this type of tumour.

When first diagnosed, we are overwhelmed and often in a state of shock, disbelief or denial for some time. Brain tumours are rare so it’s not surprising we know little or nothing about them at first. We seldom know what questions to ask, and sometimes we are afraid to ask questions for fear of what the answers might be. Our Meningioma Questions Guide offers a choice of 20 questions so you can be more confident when you talk with your medical team, your consultant or your GP.

We aim to help you understand what being diagnosed with a meningioma means to you, what treatments are available, and to help you feel better about yourself and your brain tumour journey.

Don’t be alone! Want to talk to other patients – give us a call and we’ll put you in touch with others who know what it’s like. If you have youngsters our Meningioma Mums is the group you are looking for (Dads welcome too). We don’t want to miss you so leave your name and number if the line is busy.

If you have a brain or a spinal cord meningioma tumour or you are caring for someone with a meningioma tumour contact Ella for support and information:

Telephone: 01787 374084


Write to: Ella Pybus, Meningioma UK, 21 Plough Lane, Sudbury, CO10 2AU