NHS England publishes Cancer Patient Experience Survey (August 2013)

NHS England has published the latest national cancer patient experience survey.  A total of 116,490 patients who had received treatment for cancer between 1st September and 30th November 2012 from 155 NHS trusts were included in the sample for the survey.  The four most common cancers (breast, colorectal / lower gastrointestinal, lung and prostate) accounted for 49% of all respondents.  Breast cancer accounted for a larger proportion of patients than any other cancer group (20% of all respondents).

In 2013, patients reported improved scores on 31 of 63 questions in the survey – building on improvements from previous surveys.  The survey also showed that care and treatment in some tumour groups has advanced significantly, especially in respect of some of the rarer cancers.  Key findings included:

  • 59% of patients overall said only one type of treatment was suitable for them; of the remaining patients, 85% said they were given a choice of different types of treatment; 15% said they were not given a choice but would have liked one (compared to 84% in the 2012)
  • 71% of those patients who knew said their views were definitely taken into account; 23% said they were to some extent. 6% said their views were not taken into account (compared to 70% in the 2012)
  • 82% of patients said that they had received written information about the side effects of treatment and that it was easy to understand; a further 5% were given written information but it was difficult to understand. 13% of patients said they were not given written information about side effects (compared to 81% in the 2012)
  • 72% of patients said that they were definitely involved as much as they wanted to be in decisions about their care and treatment; 23% said they were involved to some extent. 5% said no but they would have liked to have been more involved (compared to 72% in the 2012)

Source: Cancer Campaigning Group (CCG)  29.08.13

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